An English Teacher in Taiwan’s Review of Online Learning Tools


Since the pandemic hit, most offline activities have been moved online, including schools. It has been a struggle for both teachers and students to adapt to virtual learning. As an educator, I also encountered this problem. But with the help of several digital...

Difference Between Accent and Pronunciation


Have you ever wondered about the difference between accent and pronunciation? In this short article, we'll talk about the distinction between the two. From a linguistic point of view, the term accent refers to only the phonetic aspects of a dialect (Rogers, 2013)....

Is It Possible to Get Rid of Accents? Should We?


If you’re learning a new language and trying to change your current accent, so as to sound more “native”, see why you should switch your focus to pronunciation, instead. Opinions on language accents are diverging: some people think of foreign accents as something...

Free Resources for Language Learning


There are so many advantages to learning a new language in 2021, with plenty of free resources at your fingertips! Not only are there websites that provide free courses and public domain language learning materials (e.g. e-books, vocabulary lists, audio recordings...

Common Language Learning Pitfalls


As exciting as it sounds, learning a new language can sometimes become a frustrating experience. Go and read the full article to avoid falling in these common language learning traps. One of the most common language learning pitfalls is certainly setting unrealistic...

Three Tips for Learning a New Language

Three Tips for Learning a New Language

Learning a new language can be tough. Fortunately, following these three tips will make your task a lot easier! As a polyglot, one of my top tips for learning a new language is to set a goal. Beginning to study a new language is always exciting, but after the initial...