At a glance

As an English teacher at Zhonghe Elementary School (the third largest elementary school in Taiwan), Teacher Allen seeks out technology to teach his 4th-grade students English speaking in his 7 classes.

Despite excelling in reading and writing, some students faced challenges in expressing themselves verbally in English.


Students find English to be a challenging subject, often struggling to build confidence in speaking due to feelings of nervousness or timidity.

Solutions & Implementation

  • In order to cope with student timidity, the government implementation of tablets in schools allowed Teacher Allen to explore the Sensay platform for spoken English exercises.
  • Teacher Allen utilized Sensay to design vocabulary, short sentences, and phonics exercises aligned with the ongoing English lessons.
  • At least half of the class time was dedicated to students selecting their preferred location, either inside or outside the classroom, to engage in recording exercises.
  • Students were encouraged to record their spoken English exercises as many times as possible without negative incentives.


  1. 50% of the students showed IMPROVEMENT
    Before and after using Sensay, according to teacher self report, students speak English with more confidence and fluency.
  2. Students who didn’t speak English before, now DO!
    According to other teachers, students graduated from Teacher Allen’s class are no longer timid in English speaking!
  3. ESTABLISHED Student Rapport during assignment
    Observation revealed a collaborative environment, with some students forming groups to assist each other.

Quick Stats

50% of students saw improvement on English speaking fluency & pronunciation

40,191 total recordings* over the course of 12 months

*What does the recording number indicate?

It indicates the number of speaking recordings the students submitted over a period of time. An average of 3,349 recordings per month were submitted from Teacher Allen’s students. Due to technical and other factors, there could be more attempts for students to record without having been submitted successfully.

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