About Sensay

Speaking English confidently is a barrier for many.  Sensay partners with teachers to increase the opportunities for students to practice speaking English. Our technology and platform helps students to gain confidence speaking, and helps educators to achieve progress faster and more effectively.

As a multilingual team hailing from the United States, Taiwan, the Philippines, and the Czech Republic, we’re committed to building technologies to empower language students and educators. 

Contact: info@oksensay.com

Caren Chen, CEO

Caren began her career in education and spent two years as a student teacher in South Los Angeles. She has several years of experience running a consumer service startup in Southern California as well as being a global marketing leader at GSK after getting her MBA from USC.

Caren is deeply passionate about the democratization of education via educators and emerging tech.

Lukas Horak, CTO
Lukas has been coding since he was a young child. Hailing from the Czech Republic, his 10+ year career as a developer has taken him to all corners of the world — from Columbus, Ohio, to Chongqing, China, to Delhi.

Lukas is also from a family of educators. He grew up an avid learner who is also equally passionate about the ways in which technology is transforming the educational landscape.

Lalaine Lim, Product
Lalaine is a designer and educator whose work spans multiple industries, from FMCGs to NGOs and government entities. As part of Taiwan’s polyglot community, she encourages and helps people gain the confidence to learn and speak in multiple languages.
Lalaine is excited to be making education more accessible and sustainable through emerging technologies.