English Speech Practice and Assessment Made Easy!

Teachers, create fun and motivating speaking exercises for students that can be done anytime, anywhere.

Best part? Our AI does all the grading and feedback for you.

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How Does Sensay Help?

Sensay Saves Time

Teachers: Save Time & Effort

Not enough time to speak with every single student in your class?

Is it a hassle and time-consuming to mark every oral assignment? No problem!

Create over 5 different types of speaking assignments in seconds (including several open-ended response ones!) Let our AI do the feedback and grading for you. We even provide FREE content for instant download!

Sensay Motivates Students

Students: Listen To and Speak English

Anytime, Anywhere

We know students are shy, but Sensay makes speaking motivating and fun! Our students can listen to our non-robotic, natural sounding AI teacher voice model before and after each recording exercise, pinpointing errors.

Students can practice in the comfort of their own home or on the go—anywhere, anytime!

Sensay allows Students to Visualize Progress

Schools & Parents: Visualize Progress

Sensay measures, tracks, and visualizes improvement. All recordings and score reports are saved and documented!

Students can listen to past recordings and see their own progress. Teachers can access all student data too. Teachers can also easily sort and filter to see which students may need more support and optimize lessons based on data.

And much, much more!

How Does Sensay Work?

Teacher creates and shares speaking assignments in seconds 

Sensay - Exercise Types

Students login to their accounts to view assignments and submit their recordings

Students can Record Their Speaking Assignments


Our AI gives immediate pronunciation and fluency feedback.   

Sensay Student Report

How Does Sensay Work?

Teacher creates and shares speaking assignments in seconds 

Sensay - Exercise Types
Students can Record Their Speaking Assignments

Students login to their accounts to view assignments and submit their recordings


Our AI gives immediate pronunciation and fluency feedback.   

Sensay Student Report

What Educators Say About Sensay



“We’ve been using Sensay for more than 1 year. Both teachers and parents can see how Sensay gives lots of opportunities to our kids.


“Through our first few attempts with Sensay in class, students grew aware of their pronunciations, reading pace, accuracy, and appropriate pauses. As a result, their oral skills improved significantly.


“It used to take me weeks to do oral assessment for students, one-on one. With Sensay, it only takes me 2 class periods. Effective learning, effective teaching!”

What Students Say About Sensay



“I love how [Sensay] can pinpoint the words we mispronounce and it provides us with the correct pronunciation.”


“Sensay is super fun! You can listen to the sentences first, and record yourself. And finally, listen to your voice! It’s SO FUNNY!”


“We don’t have many chances to speak English if we don’t have foreign friends, [Sensay] really makes me more confident when I am speaking.”

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Who We Are

As a multilingual team hailing from the US, Taiwan, the Philippines and the Czech Republic, we deeply understand the frustration of learning a language for several years, and yet being unable to speak it confidently. We created Sensay in hopes of helping language students to enjoy their learning journeys and to build their confidence.


What is Sensay?

Sensay is an AI-powered platform that makes English speaking practice and assessment easy. We think it’s a shame that English learners worldwide are often shy or embarrassed to speak English. Our mission is to help K-12 English learners worldwide have fun and enjoy speaking English on a daily basis.

By helping students listen to and speak 40-60 minutes of English per month on average, we are transforming the lives of thousands of English learners by making speaking English accessible, fun, and informative. Our students are self-motivated to practice speaking English.

How Does Sensay Work?

Sensay is an AI-powered platform that allows English teachers to assign 15 to 30-second speaking exercises for their students.

Our voice AI instantly gives students feedback on their pronunciation, fluency, and more. Sensay also suggests ways for students to improve and makes it fun for students to keep practicing speaking. Both teachers and students can see speaking progress over time because we save all recordings and scoring data.

Sensay makes it easy and convenient for EAL / ELL teachers to optimize future speaking / oral lessons, assign future speaking assignments / homework, and automate oral quizzes, tests and exams.


Why should I use Sensay?

Our students report a whopping 139% improvement in their speaking fluency and 117% improvement in speaking confidence after just 3 weeks of using Sensay daily.

With Sensay, teachers can help students to both listen and speak English as often as they’d like. Our AI plays the most natural sounding speech-to-text voice, to let English learners shadow. They can then practice speaking themselves to develop muscle memory and fluency over time. Sensay’s mission is to help students become lifelong confident communicators by building a solid foundation from the beginning via frequent listening and speaking practice exercises.

I am a teacher, how do I create an account?
I am a student, how do I log in? Where do I go to record my Sensay listening and speaking assignments?

Students can log into their Sensay Student Account here: learn.oksensay.com
Students can also enter their teacher’s  Exercise or Lesson PIN directly at student.oksensay.com

What is the student experience when using Sensay to practice speaking?

Watch this video to see what the student experience is like on Sensay. Better yet, try it out yourself here!

How do I get started using Sensay with my students?

It’s easy to get started and takes just a few minutes! Register for a free trial here: school.oksensay.com. If you have any questions, please check our our Help Center. You can also watch this video tutorial to learn how to get your students speaking with Sensay. See how easy it is to create and assign speaking exercises to your students and let our AI do all the English listening practice, English speaking practice, and grading for you!

What is the best way to use Sensay to achieve the best student results?

Research shows that frequent (ideally daily) practice speaking a new language greatly improves retention and proficiency. We suggest asking students to use Sensay daily for just a few minutes of fun speaking practice.

How secure is Sensay?

Sensay does not share any audio recordings or other data with any 3rd parties. Our privacy and security standards are compliant with the highest level of personal data protection required by GDPR.


About Sensay

Line Account: @sensay

Phone: +886 266 040 012