English Speech Practice & Assessment Made Easy!

Teachers, create fun and motivating speaking exercises for students that can be done anytime, anywhere.

Best part? Our AI does all the grading and feedback for you.

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Why Use Sensay?

Sensay Saves Time
Sensay Motivates Students
Sensay allows Students to Visualize Progress

Save Time

Not enough time to speak with every single student? Is it a hassle to mark every oral assignment? No problem!

Create speaking assignments in seconds. Let  our AI do the feedback and grading for you.

Motivate Students

We know students are shy, but Sensay makes speaking motivating and fun!

Students can practice in the comfort of their own home or on the go—anywhere, anytime!

Visualize Progress

Sensay measures, tracks, and visualizes improvement. All hard work is saved and documented!

Students can listen to past recordings and see progress. Teachers can access all this data too.

How Does Sensay Work?

Teacher creates and shares speaking assignments in seconds 

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Students can Record Their Speaking Assignments

Students login to their accounts to view assignments and submit their recordings


Our AI gives immediate pronunciation and fluency feedback.   

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What Educators Say About Sensay

“Sensay is brilliant. The first time I ever heard my autistic student’s voice was because of Sensay.”

“It used to take me weeks to do oral assessment for students, one-on-one. With Sensay, it only takes me 2 class periods. Effective learning, efficient teaching!”

“I have used similar products as Sensay before, but Sensay is more user friendly to students no matter in system login or in learning report.

What Students Say About Sensay



“I love how [Sensay] can pinpoint the words we mispronounce and it provides us with the correct pronunciation.”


Love it so much.”


“We don’t have many chances to speak English if we don’t have foreign friends, [Sensay] really makes me more confident when I am speaking.”

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Who We Are

As a multilingual team hailing from the US, Taiwan, the Philippines and the Czech Republic, we deeply understand the frustration of learning a language for several years, and yet being unable to speak it confidently. We created Sensay in hopes of helping language students to enjoy their learning journeys and to build their confidence.


What is Sensay? 

Sensay is an AI-powered platform that allows English teachers to assign 30-second speaking exercises for their students.

Our voice AI instantly gives students feedback on their pronunciation, fluency, and more. Sensay also suggests ways for students to improve and makes it fun for students to keep practicing speaking. Both teachers and students can see speaking progress over time.

All student responses and analytics reports are saved in the Teacher Dashboard, making it easy and convenient to optimize future lessons, assign future speaking assignments / homework, and automate oral assessment.


Why should I use Sensay?

87% of students report feeling more confident speaking after just 10 days of using Sensay. With Sensay, educators can help students to become lifelong confident communicators.

I am a teacher, how do I create an account?

If you are an educator, simply sign up for an account here or go to school.oksensay.com.

I am a student, where do I enter the PIN?

Students can enter their exercise or lesson PIN at student.oksensay.com.

What is the student experience when using Sensay to practice speaking?

Watch this video to see what the student experience is like on Sensay. Better yet, try it out yourself here!

How do I create a speaking exercise for my students?

It’s easy to get started and takes just a few minutes! Watch this video tutorial or read this guide to get started with Sensay.

What is the best way to use Sensay to achieve the best student results?

Research shows that frequent (ideally daily) practice speaking a new language greatly improves retention and proficiency. We suggest asking students to use Sensay daily for just a few minutes of fun speaking practice.

How secure is Sensay?

Sensay does not share any audio recordings or other data with any 3rd parties. Our privacy and security standards are compliant with the highest level of personal data protection required by GDPR.


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