As educational technology evolves, Sensay remains committed to providing teachers with the best tools for support. In response to extensive feedback from educators, we have made a significant update to the Sensay teacher platform in March 2024. Teachers can now view the progress and scores of each student at the class level directly.A New Way to View Student Progress in ClassesPreviously, teachers had to click through each lesson to determine if students had completed their assigned speaking exercises. Now, with the updated platform, teachers can see, at a glance, the completion percentage and average scores of each student on the class page. This change significantly enhances teaching efficiency and management convenience.

Progress and Score Indicators Explained:

  • Progress Column:
    • ❌ Student has not started the exercises.
    • ✅ Student has completed all exercises.
    • % Total percentage of exercises completed by the student.

  • Overall Score:Average score of each student, calculated using the highest score achieved in each exercise.Red indicates scores below 60, green indicates scores above 60.

Score of each lesson

  • ❌ – not started yet 
  • ❓- incomplete 

How to Access These Updates?

To experience these updates, teachers need to log in to their teacher account at, select any class, and click on “Report