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*NEW* Dragon Boat Festival Pack

端午節快樂! The Dragon Boat Festival is just around the corner! Practice talking about this fun and exciting holiday in English.


Spring has sprung and Easter is around the corner!

Students can learn about Easter and Spring with this pack of ESL speaking exercises.

Practice new vocabulary words and learn about this special time.

EASTER/SPRING PACK for Young Learners

For younger learners, this is a simplified speaking lesson pack containing content around Easter and Spring.

They might even catch a glimpse of the Easter bunny!

Chinese New Year PACK

恭喜發財! Chinese New Year is coming up! Practice talking about this fun and joyous holiday in English.

Christmas PACK

Ho ho ho! Time to learn some Christmas vocabulary and perfect some festive pronunciation.

Kindergarten Sentences

These sentences are perfect for K students who are working on their first 100 words.
Check out the lesson pack on the first 100 words if your students still need some help.

In these classes, students can practice their segmenting and blending with a variety
of common CVC words (consonant, vowel, consonant).

Similar Sounding Words (All Ages)

These words may look and/or sound similar, but they are actually quite different! Practice listening to and saying these common words to learn the subtle differences, and how to say them correctly.

Grade 1 Reading Exercises (Challenge Level: Spicy!)

A collection of 100 of the most high-frequency words (Fry sight words) for U.S. Kindergarten to Grade 2. These must be easily recognized in order to achieve reading fluency. (30 exercises total)


These 10 sentence cards with illustrations are all themed “Under the Sea”. Twinkl ESL has a whole range of sentence reading cards with other themes, such as jungle, farm, all about me, seaside, and more.


The 20 exercises in this set from Twinkl ESL all have a “Would you rather…?” question (for example, Would you rather hold a snake or a frog? Why?) paired with cute illustrations.

Let's Talk! Conversation Starters (Ages 13+) (20 Exercises)

From silly questions to serious questions, these conversation starters are a great way to get students to reflect, construct answers, and say them out loud clearly and confidently! These four lessons gradually increase in difficulty.

Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) for Grade 5-10 (20 Exercises)

Social-emotional learning (SEL) is a methodology that helps students of all ages to better comprehend their emotions, to feel those emotions fully, and demonstrate empathy for others. These questions ask students to self-reflect on several topics and are most appropriate for Grade 5-10.

Grade 5 Storytelling & Reading Comprehension Pack (8 Exercises)

This is a 500-word fiction story that is a USA Grade 5 leveled reader. Includes the entire text as 5 reading exercises, and 3 reading comprehension questions.

Fun Tongue Twisters (10 Exercises)

Tongue twisters are a fun and engaging way to help stretch the muscles necessary for speech. These fun and silly tongue twisters are great for all ages!

Job Interview Preparation (15 exercises)

Help students feel confident during important job interviews. These are common job interview English idioms (5 exercises) & common interview questions (10 exercises).

TOEFL Speaking (10 exercises)

These exercises are for the iBT TOEFL Speaking section. These (10 exercises) are all Independent topics of the “open choice” / personal experience or opinion type.

Sight Words (30 exercises)

A collection of 100 of the most high-frequency words (Fry sight words) for U.S. Kindergarten to Grade 2. These must be easily recognized in order to achieve reading fluency. (30 exercises total)

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