To further enhance the quality of teaching and the efficiency of educators, Sensay continues to innovate and improve its platform. The latest update in March 2024 specifically revises the Student Report page, enabling teachers to gain a more comprehensive understanding of student performance.

New Features on the Student Report Page

Prior to this update, the Student Report page only displayed a list of all the student’s recordings. Now, we’ve added more functionality that allows teachers to clearly see the student’s performance in the class. New information includes:

  • Best Score Per Exercise: Reflects the highest achievement of a student in each exercise.
  • Average Score Per Lesson: Displays the average score of a student for each lesson.
  • Average Score for the Entire Class: Calculates the overall average score of the student across the class.

Additionally, teachers can see the exact times students submitted their recordings via a calendar function. This not only allows teachers to track student grades but also provides insights into student activity and engagement.

How to Access the Updated Student Report?

To view these updates, teachers need to log in to their account at, click on “Students” from the left menu bar, and select any student. This new reporting approach is designed to help teachers gain deeper insights into overall student performance and to offer more targeted teaching support based on these insights.

This update demonstrates Sensay’s ongoing commitment to enhancing educational quality and the efficiency of teachers’ work. Log in to the Sensay teacher platform today to explore these new features!