Hello Sensay Super Teacher,

You may or may not have noticed a few big changes to your Teacher Account…(launched just today!) Please check them out and let us know what you think.

Here are the updates:

Introducing “Sensay Lite” Student Report Type for Reading Exercises

What is Sensay Lite? Sensay Lite is a special report template ONLY available for Reading exercises. It features a rotating suite of animated emojis, new traffic light icons, and a more clickable button interface for each word.

Upon clicking a word, the student voice will play first, automatically followed by the “AI Teacher” voice.

Just like before, students can click “Me” to hear their entire recording, and click “Teacher” to hear the AI voice.

Since this is our new template, we have changed all Reading exercises to “Sensay Lite” as the default — if you want to go back to the old design, please read on.

What do you think about Sensay Lite? Let us know in the comments.

I miss the old report…how do I go back to the original report type?

It’s easy! Simply go into the Class level, and select “Sensay Detailed (with word breakdown)” and the Save button to revert back to the original student report type setting. It takes just a few seconds.

New Teacher Onboarding Experience

Does this sound familiar? You’ve signed up for a new Sensay account and see the Teacher Dashboard. It’s not clear what exactly to click on first, and how to start using Sensay.

We understand your frustration and now have an interactive tutorial when you first log in.

It’s only four short steps and shows what exactly Sensay does immediately. No more clicking around wondering how to get started. (Psst…a great first step is to click “Classes” to Create a Class!)

And Finally, Minor Changes to the Teacher Dashboard…

The Teacher Dashboard now looks a bit different.

We added the Sensay Walkthrough which is the teacher tutorial mentioned above. And we’ll be adding more explainer videos in this space in the future. We also added a Help Page to the left hand menu. A lot of questions are answered there.

If you have any further questions or would like to send us feedback, simply click “Send Feedback to Sensay” and we’ll respond as soon as we can.

We also updated the “How Does Sensay Work?” video to reflect the new Sensay Lite student report type and experience. 

Thanks for reading! What do you think about all the updates? Let us know in the comments section. We’d love to keep improving Sensay and your feedback helps tremendously.