If you want your children to become fluent speaking any language, it’s imperative that they actually practice speaking it! Because how can one expect to become good at anything if one doesn’t actually practice doing the thing they want to become good at?

From a Fortune 500 electric company to elementary and high schools in the United States (and globally) to non-profit organizations serving recent immigrants – the English learners using Sensay are far and beyond what we ever imagined. There is a tremendous need for listening and speaking practice that AI technology now enables. We are thrilled to be a platform folks find valuable in their daily lives.

So whether it’s children practicing their oral speaking drills in class, or adult learners practicing productive speech in preparation for a TOEFL, IETLS or TOEIC exam — Sensay is a solution that is helping a very broad array of English learners. We offer very detailed AI-powered phonetic pronunciation feedback as well as fewer details for younger learners who just want to have fun speaking English.

If you are interested in trying Sensay, you can sign up for a free 30-day trial here: https://school.oksensay.com/#/registration