“Sensay is a very functional platform where students can practice English oral skills. After reading practices, students receive immediate comprehensive feedback in regard to their strengths and weaknesses in reading. Each feedback helps them to modify their pronunciation and enhances their reading fluency.

Through our first few attempts with Sensay in class, students grew aware of their pronunciations, reading pace, accuracy, and appropriate pauses. As a result, their oral skills improved significantly.

They were highly motivated to try the practices through the platform during their free time. As their skills improved, they also became more confident when speaking and reading English. In a class with 40 to 50 students, I was able to carry out oral exercises and allow everyone to participate in the exercises at the same time.

What was even more rewarding for me was that many students became more responsible for each speaking task and they would set their own goals—to be better and better. Sensay is surely a platform which brings many benefits for teachers and learners. It is also a ubiquitous learning platform that develops autonomous learning!”

-Ms. Sandy Yuan, Lecturer

Foreign Language Center, National Taipei University of Technology













National Taipei University of Technology