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Why Learning English Feels Like So Much Pressure

When it comes to learning English as a second language, many people’s first reaction may be to feel resistance, pressure, or think that they are not good at it. It’s pretty common to have a bad impression of learning English here in Taiwan. However, what is the exact reason that puts so much pressure on us Taiwanese to learn English?

There is a “Duty” to Learn English 

Perhaps, this has something to do with our past learning experience and societal expectations. From childhood to adulthood, if you are a student in Taiwan’s education system, you must be familiar with English, because from elementary school or even kindergarten, you will be exposed to English courses in school, one after another, and you will learn English all the way at least until high school.

Because of this, we often subconsciously regard learning English as a “must” and a “duty” rather than a “heartfelt enjoyment”. Naturally, we are not so engaged when learning English. In fact, many of my classmates have felt incredibly disinterested and demotivated to learn English.

Last of all, most of us Taiwanese (at least the young adults now) did not think it was very fun to learn English in their experience.

“Do or Do Not, There is No Try” — But There is Hope!

There is even more prevalence of English learning in Taiwan in recent years. There are also many cram schools offering English classes to adults, demonstrating that, to Taiwanese society, if you can’t speak English, you will lose your competitiveness. Under the influence of this macro environment, the pressure on students (even adults who have long graduated) to learn English has increased a lot.

So, what is the secret to learning English in a more positive environment, with a more positive attitude towards learning? Have you ever heard of a growth mindset? Here is a clue — language learning with a growth mindset has nothing to do with any kind of book, teacher, tool, or special technology.

(to be continued)


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