Are you aware that nowadays AI technology has become so advanced that it can help you learn a language, if you happen to be one of the students who struggle with ESL classes then it’s a good day for you because this article is going to discuss 3 ways how AI can be an advantage for ESL students like you.

Instant feedback 

Artificial intelligence-based language learning provides immediate feedback. After putting a lot of effort into a significant test, it could be challenging to wait for the results. When students reflect on their errors a week later, they might not recall how or why they made them. The AI language learning platform can grade written or verbal exams and assess papers and speaking assignments immediately after they have been turned in, pointing out errors and offering advice to students on how to avoid these mistakes in the future.

Continuous learning from errors

Making errors is quite natural for learners; it’s how individuals learn. Sometimes though, students may feel ashamed or terrified of what others may say when they make errors, receive low grades, or fail to respond to questions. Most of the time, students may judge themselves and put pressure on themselves. It’s human nature after all. Most students to want to do well, especially when scores and exams are still the standard ways of assessing learning. Instead of being demoralizing, AI provides a non-biased assessment that helps motivate students, because making mistakes with an AI is simply a way for students to practice and improve. Students feel less judged by an AI.

Customizable learning

When utilizing AI for language learning, such as with Sensay, it’s really amazing that teachers can customize content for students. Indeed, a customized curriculum can be created by any teacher or school from anywhere in the world. Creating enjoyable games, tests, and other learning and exploration activities that combine academic programming with students’ interests is more accessible now because of Artificial Intelligence. Platforms that leverage this new technology make learning more accessible and enjoyable, due to the possibility of customization.

About Sensay

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