Hi! I’m Avery, a Customer Success Associate at Sensay. Part of my role here is to interview educators about their experience using Sensay with their English learners.

In this article, I’ll be sharing feedback from private school teacher Elsa, about her experience using the Sensay platform. Let’s take a look at how her elementary-aged students experienced changes before and after using Sensay!

Changes Before and After Using Sensay:

  1. Improved Fluency and Reading Skills: Teacher Elsa faces the enormous challenge that her students only see her once a week on average. However, despite this tremendous limitation, students still improved after using Sensay for just six months. Their sentence fluency and reading abilities significantly improved. With weekly practice assignments, students would use Sensay to record hundreds of times for speaking practice. This repetition and self-error correction using feedback from Sensay’s AI is critical for enhancing English proficiency.
  2. Accelerated Intuition Development: Speaking English also requires developing an intuitive sense of the language. Previously, students spent a lot of classroom time practicing. With Sensay, students can cultivate language intuition faster because their practice time listening and speaking English was greatly extended beyond classroom time. In fact, Teacher Elsa reported some students recording the same exercise up to 50, even 60 times!

Challenges Faced by Teachers Before Using Sensay:

  1. Busy Work Schedules: Teachers already have demanding workdays, and listening to individual student audio recordings was time-consuming. Grading assignments became burdensome.
  2. Ineffective Student Learning Outcomes: Teachers discovered that students still struggled with the same vocabulary or sentences from the previous week during class. This situation left teachers feeling frustrated.

How Sensay Addresses These Challenges:

  1. Instant Scoring and Feedback: Sensay’s AI evaluates students’ speaking performance immediately and provides useful feedback, eliminating the need for manual grading.
  2. Practice Anytime, Anywhere: Students can practice speaking with Sensay at their convenience, regardless of time or location.
  3. Progress Tracking: Schools and parents can monitor specific progress and securely store all audio recordings and score reports. Teachers can easily organize lists to identify students needing additional assistance and optimize their teaching based on data.

We hope this sharing inspires teachers! Sensay makes English learning more enjoyable and empowers students to confidently speak English. 🌟

Explore additional case studies and discover the various ways educators leverage the Sensay platform. Stay informed as we unveil more case studies in the near future. In the meantime, you can sign up and experience our platform at no cost by registering here: https://www.oksensay.com/try-sensay-now/